Merc Arceneaux

Do you remember Elsa Klench?

The host of a weekly televised show that revealed all the news from the fashion runways. That show had a lot to do with my love for makeup. At 15 I started doing runway modeling and eventually, as I got confident on the catwalk, it lead to me going to New York and then overseas to pursue my dream of being a supermodel.

It was a blast while it lasted, but it wound up only being a fun hobby for me. More importantly, I was a makeup junkie and I watched and learned every time I sat in a makeup chair, reading fashion magazines and always studying what the top models were doing. I eventually landed in the music business doing makeup for album covers and music videos, but my ultimate dream was to create the looks for the big screen.

I had two fabulous women who were very instrumental in my rise as an artist in the business, Judy Murdock and Lalette Littlejohn. My career took off in film and television and my resume shows it. I have been very blessed and honored to work with some very special celebrities and truly talented hair and makeup artists.

Being a celebrity makeup artist is one of the most thrilling jobs a girl could ask for. But what’s even more sensational is when I can make the everyday woman look and feel like a celebrity. I live to make a woman feel beautiful. The confidence oozes out slowly, her smile changes and so does her body language. Makeup has that kind of power when applied with the proper tools and the right hand.

Society is slowly changing with the idea that youth is the only form of beauty. Beauty comes from within, makeup only enhances what you exude naturally. I was taught at a young age how important hygiene, skin care and presentation was.

My mother was a gorgeous role model who exuded class, beauty and grace. So I was naturally drawn to women who carried themselves that way. I got inspiration from Pat Cleveland, Diahann Carroll and Audrey Hepburn to name a few; women who had that “je ne sais quoi”. I believe all women are inspired by beauty and it comes in all shapes, color and sizes. My job is to make every woman who sits in my chair feel stunning, glamorous and unique.

"Glow is the Essence of Beauty"

Esteé Lauder

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